Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Top 10 Things that I Can Do That is More Fun than Going to MouseFest 2007

As George over at The Disney Geeks as so aptly reminded me, he and his brother Andy will be at MouseFest 2007 and I, at this time, am unable to attend.

Well, there is plenty of things I can do that are more fun than attending MouseFest but I thought I would limit it to the Top 10:

  1. Catalogue my extensive Disney Movie Collection
  2. Watch every Disney based propaganda show that airs on the Travel Channel
  3. Read all 7 Harry Potter Books...again.
  4. Listen to every episode of The WDW Radio Show podcast
  5. Rent Haunted Mansion and The Country Bears and analyze them in detail for their significance in pop-culture
  6. Log 1000 posts on various Disney Forums where my only contributions are "I agree", "Awesome", "You can say that again", and "bump"
  7. Transcribe my scribbled notes from my 2006 trip to WDW into another War & Peace length trip report in this wonderful blog
  8. Sit on my back porch, put on my favorite Disney music and enjoy a nice cold Shandy
  9. Send Lou Mongello e-mails telling him that he needs me as a side-kick so I can make him look tall in pictures

And the top thing I can do that is more fun than going to MouseFest 2007

    10.  Take a lap in my Money Bin


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Unknown said...


Now I need to come up with the top 10 reasons to call Ray from MouseFest every day!

Lou Mongello - said...

Grumpy, looked over your list, but have a few questions:
1. I would, but my kids scratched them all
2. You know you love 'em!
3. Harry Who?
4. Are you looking to nap for an extended period of time?
5. Now available in bargain bin for just $1.00
6. (bump)
7. Can you make than in audio format as well?
8. I won't even touch the Shandy reference ;)
9. Make it happen!!!! There's a shirt in it for you!
10. If you can deliver to me every morning your 6 meals/day items, there's a book in it for you, too! LOL

Tim said...

here ya go:
1. magic in pixels photo tours with tim devine
2. getting to hang out with tim devine
3. watching george not get a free 16x20 from tim devine
4. personal photo tips from tim devine
5. doing a live broadcast with michael and tim devine
6. magical definition podcast silliness with nathan rose and tim devine
7. did i mention that tim devine will be there?
8 - 10. reread the above list 3 more times.

Andrew said...

OK, this was a great way to get a top ten from everybody, so to be different, I will only give you my top three reasons you must go to mouse fest:

1. George and Andy (aka-andrew) in the same place at the same time proves that we are not Superman/Clark Kent.

2. Ride the new Epcot attraction 'How Latex is Made' sponsored by Vandalay Industries.

3. Experience the awesome power of a mouse fest mosh pit after a six pack of PBR.

How you could you NOT go?????