Thursday, August 9, 2007

Devine Inspiration #1

0055-partnerscastleI'm going to try a new weekly feature here at Grumpy's HollowTim Devine, from the Magic in Pixels, has done me a great favor on my Disneyland Trip.  I could never have gotten as many good shots as I did if he hadn't taken me under his wing, so to speak, and told me about what settings to try and lecture me sternly when I was changing my lenses like a ignorant git.

So, I thought it would be nice to try and showcase some of his photos that I, as a hobbyist, find impressive.  These photos may come from his photo album or from his store (some are contained in both places).

I have chosen this print because what better photo to start off with then something as iconic as Cinderella's Castle and the Partner Statue.  Tim has quite a few images of the "Castle" and the Partners Statue, but this one just seems to have all the elements just perfectly captured (in my humble opinion). 

Plus, he's hit the mother lode with no people tainting the shot.

This is the shot, that every man, woman, and child that goes to Disney and is starry eyed with Pixie Dust wants to walk away with.  I would have to say that this shot has to be higher on the list than the perfect shot of the nightly fireworks show.

This image just so happens to come out of Tim's store and is available for purchase and can be found here:

Cinderella Castle 16x20 Mounted Print

Cinderella Castle with Partners Statue 8x10 Matted

If this shot doesn't happen to be on your checklist of trophies you want to bag yourself on the greatest photographic safari in the world, then Mr. Devine has made it easy to get this beauty hanging on your wall.

As I said, not every picture I plan to showcase is going to come from his store, but this one just happened to be.  If I wasn't salivating to get this shot with my own equipment, I'd be severely tempted to drop some cold hard cash on this print. 

I have 3 words for you:

Pure Disney Gold


Pictures are used with permission of Tim Devine / The Magic in Pixels.


Unknown said...

Great posting!

Tim's pictures are amazing. Actually, most of the pictures that the users share at are absolutely amazing.

Truly humbling.

Anonymous said...

I was there when Tim toke this gem, I actually captured the same shot right next to him... this was the day that we were basically followed out by security because we were the last people left but they were very nice about it. That was a very fun evening.