Monday, August 20, 2007

Grumptastic Digital Painting

Tim Devine isn't the only artist that I admire.  My brother is also a talented artist who I feel hasn't gotten the attention his skills deserve. 

RayNancyWishes_MDHarknessTreatmentThe picture I have posted on this blog is one that he has worked his magic on.  I didn't get the privilege of watching him work on this picture, but I have seen him work on others that he's been consigned to produce.  It's rather awesome to watch him work with his tablet as he converts what was once a digital photograph into an image that gives looks like an oil portrait. 

I've been told that there are "actions" or wizards that can be run with Photoshop and other digital photo software packages to try and IMG_1178achieve this look, but he's actually painting this stuff himself.  He is using his own eyes and talent to convert the picture into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. 

With the piece I saw him working on, he painted trees over the images of cars in the background of the picture so that the picture now looks like it was taken in the woods.

I know this is a Disney-based blog and that is why I included this painting with this entry.  The original photo was taken of my wife and I after the Wishes! Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom last September.  Therefore, the image counts as a Disney-related picture.  Just so you can see what he started with, I have provided the original image he started with.  As you can see, he cropped the image for maximum affect and added a new and much more exciting background.

If you want to check out my brother's web site (I strongly encourage you to do so because I'm very proud of his talents), you can go here:  M.D. Harkness

He has quite a sampling of different types of pictures he's painted including some wedding portraits.  The guy with the cigar on his main page is a self-portrait he has done of himself.  If you go here you can see a couple more before and after images one being the self-portrait.

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Andrew said...

Some people have the coolest talents. Your brother looks like he could kick my butt.