Friday, January 16, 2009

Battling the evil Emperor Zurg


Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm not your mother! Break those plates!!!

I'm soaked

Where am I now? Should be easy ;)

The view from our room

Flatscreen in our room

Where in Disneyland am I?

Disneyland Here We Come

Due to the very fortuitous alignment of the planets, Enchanted Rose got a nice long stretch of days off in a row from work without having to submit a request for the time off.

I had just completed one heck of a year in regards to the number of hours worked so she felt it would be a waste of the time off if we didn’t go somewhere.

Since, her sister Julie has been wanting to have another “girls weekend” with Enchanted Rose and their mother, we decided to fly out to California to visit her mother in the high desert.

Since Enchanted Rose felt that it was pertinent that I take some time off since I haven’t really rested much in 2008, she enticed me to ask for a couple days off so we could go to Disneyland.

So, in 6 hours we’ll be boarding a plane that will be taking us to California.  When we land, we’ll be driving to Anaheim and checking into the Grand Californian Resort.  From there we’ll spend 2 fun-filled days at Disneyland.  On Saturday, we’ll have breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen and then head back to her mother’s house with her sister and niece so they can have a “Girls Weekend”.  At that point, I’ll resume work so that I can pay for the 2 days off during the week.

So, stay tuned.  I’m sure to have a couple days of trip reports coming.  It may only be two days, but I’m sure it’ll be a whole heck of a lot of words

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lou’s Mega-Mix Dance Party

Reason #626 For keeping a close eye on your Twitter or Facebook friends’ statuses:  Something fun may be announced.

For those people who follow Lou Mongello on either of those mediums they would’ve seen a message about him testing something for the new year.

What was going on was a live video stream from the WDW Radio studios in Scotch Plains, NJ hosted by UStream.

What went on was unscripted and unplanned and strictly a test.  Lou admitted several times that he didn’t expect too many people to show up but at it’s height there were over 50 people logged in and participating in the chat conversation that accompanies the video.

Lou and all started talking about Disney, but it quickly progressed to a trip down the soundtrack of Lou’s life (and many of those of us who were in High School during the 1980’s).

Lou may have insisted on maintaining his composure and not sing or dance to many irresistible tunes that we got snippets of.  But I can tell you that I was belting out the songs.

So, at this point, we don’t know when the next time this is going to happen, but it will and you have been warned.

So follow Lou on Facebook and Twitter to know when the fun kicks up again

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