Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Most Beautiful Flowers are not always found in Beautiful Gardens, It's True. (Cinderella)

Baby Quilt - Eeyore SquareThe perfect one is out there!  I know it is.  I keep looking, hoping that the next glance will bring success.  Then it happens!  I find just the perfect one.  It will complete the ensemble and make things work.

Crafting is not just a hobby- it is a hunt.  Which color of paper or which fabric will complete this project?  Will this page be my favorite when I have finished it or will I want to redo it as soon as I place it in the album?

Recently I have discovered that I can combine my passions and have great success.  I love to quilt.  I have been doing it since I was in junior high.  I love to scrapbook.  I have been doing that since I was in college.  I LOVE Disney!  I can’t pinpoint the moment this love affair started, but I think that it was shortly after figuring out what music was.  I have a serious love affair with all of the Disney sound tracks whether movie or otherwise.  (I have decided that I have a great shower voice and love to belt out the songs- Beauty and the Beast particularly.)

Buying crafting supplies is just as much fun for the "hunter" as is putting the project together.  For my quilts, theIMG_0123 main focus fabric has to be perfect to pull all of the other complementing fabrics together.  Texture, fabric type, and color all play a part in the success of any quilt.  With scrapbooking it is pulling the right theme for the page.  This may come from the pictures themselves or even just a great color that pops in the picture. 

Above all else- never pay full price!  That is what makes this a true hunt- the stalking phase.  Will my 40% off coupon get here in time?  Will license fabrics be on sale this week?  How much batting really is too much when you want 100% cotton for the entire quilt and quality really matters?  Each week I scour the weekly ads and hold out for just the right combination of coupons and sales.

Sometimes I believe that Grumpwurst thinks this hunt is my favorite part of the whole crafting experience.  My craft room is probably the best evidence in his favor.  The drawers and cabinets are filed with the pieces of the "next project".  We are currently building a new home in which I have a craft room all my own for letting these creative expressions take flight.  Once it is completed I will have to post a picture.

Seeing the completed project is a gratifying experience for me, but the true passion I have is in sharing.  My family has no problem with that!  Most of my sibling’s household’s have at least one Enchanted Rose quilt original.  No real guessing to what my family members get as baby gifts.

It is not a terrible thing for a scrapbooker to have a photographer in the house either.  It's nice when talents can complement each other so nicely. :)  Keep taking those Grumptastic photos and being my wingman in this hunt!


Unknown said...

Now I am not sure who is more addicted to Disney! Enchanted Rose or Grumpwurst?!?

So...what about a ride specific quilt? Like Splash Mountain or the Haunted Mansion?

Fun post. It is great to see another side of the collector mania. One that doesn't get a lot of attention in the mostly male-dominated blogosphere.

Andrew said...

I hate to say it, but I have a bank account that is begging you to do a Splash Mountain quilt. I can only afford to pay you with cheese and shoes, though.

I have a Disney blanket that I like so much I won't let the kids use it. Julie thinks I am crazy, but it's got Spaceship Earth on it! Spaceship Earth I say!!!!

If I ever get a Spalsh Mountain quilt, I will hang it on a wall and encase it in ozone.

Unknown said...

My eight year old son has a Harry Potter quilt that my mother-in-law made.

It has become mine!

Accio Harry Potter quilt!