Friday, August 31, 2007

Live WDW Talk Show - 08/31/2007 @ 9PM EST

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Join yours truly and a merry band of Disney Geek misfits as we attempt to throw together another live talk show of all things Disney!

Michael Suhrbier, owner of Explore The Magic, is once again hosting this fun-filled chat fest.

As usual, our goal is to answer your questions, in real-time, about planning Disney trips or anything else related to Disney.

I can hear you asking,  "Who will be on this show?"  Well, confirmed we have myself, Michael (of course), and one half of The Disney Geeks (which half, I don't know.  They aren't talkin')

But you never know what other Disney Community personalities may show up.  We have extended invitations to previous participants:  Award-Winning Podcaster, Nathan Rose (owner of Magical Mountain) and Tim Devine (owner of The Magic in Pixels) who also happen to be the co-hosts of The Magical Definition Podcast.

We offer many ways of interacting

  • Skype
  • Chat Room
  • Live Audio Stream

For instructions on how to listen to the show or how to log into the chat room, please visit this post on George's Disney Geeks forum:

Daily Figment 06 - Live Internet Broadcast

If you have nagging questions in regards to traveling to Disney or just want to talk about the latest rumors and news, please don't hesitate to drop by and participate.  The shows are much more lively and entertaining when we have you, the listeners participating.

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