Friday, August 10, 2007

Scrapbooking and fun with food

The latest scrapbooking project is finished.  I am sharing this little gem to give examples of the fun ways to use creative pictures that may be overlooked in the planning stages but add a great deal to the finished product. 

The whole goal of scrapbooking is to preserve memories and experiences in a way that regular photo albums fall short.  In doing this, you really have to think outside the standard trip photos and add some personal flair to the creative process.   Regan's Flipbook - Page 04

Pictures of signs may make the best title for the page.  This is especially helpful when you can't quite find the "right" font to fit the theming. What better way to capture attention than with the actual sign for the restaurant or attraction?  Several of my pages for my Disney World trip 2006 scrapbook are headed with pictures that Grumpwurst took on our trip of signs and posters.

Another fun way to add flair to a page is by using pictures of the food.  We started this when we went to Victoria and Albert's.  If we were going to pay that much for the food- we were going to remember everything about it!  I love how the kids macaroni and cheese turned out in this picture.  A Mickey Mouse on the page and another trip memory- a great combination.  Everyone ties memories to food wether conscious or subconsciously.  This aids in that process and makes for a cute page as well.   

Who doesn't tie your memories with vacation or life events with food?  I know that my top five things at Disney include at least two food events/tastes.  At Disneyland it is the ice cream from Catch a Flave on the boardwalk heading toward California Screamin and the clam chowder bread bowls in New Orleans.  Even writing about these palate pleasing treats makes my mouth water.  How do you think your memory and senses will be sparked from a picture?

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