Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Devine Inspiration #3

For today's Devine Inspiration, I'm taking us to Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade.  This is one of the few parades that I'll sit and watch.  It brings back a lot of good childhood memories from when my parents, brother and I would watch this parade when it was still on Main Street and Disney's California Adventure was still a parking lot.

This picture is extra special because I was standing next to Tim when he popped this shot off.  He found a sweet viewing spot and it apparently isn't very well thought of because a couple days later when I went back to watch the parade with my sister-in-law and her family (Hi Collin!), the same spot was still wide open.DSC_3101

Disney's Electrical Parade is one of those things that I feel would be really hard to get a decent amount of quality shots with a Point-and-Shoot camera.  I noticed this when I saw the pictures my sister-in-law attempted to make with her very nice Point-and-Shoot.  If the lights weren't blurry, they were streaked.

Even with a good dSLR camera, you still need to have your settings such that the individual lights glow in the picture and don't end up just pinpoints of light. 

But, even if you have your settings right and are in the right place, it's still not easy.  Take for example, this shot (to the right) taken while I was standing next to Tim of the same exact subject in Tim's picture I'm showcasing.  I need to note, that this was the best of the several shots I attempted to take of this particular subject.  I just love how Tim captured Dumbo winking and everything is nice and crisp and frozen in time. 

I pulled this picture from Tim's recently updated Photo Album on his The Magic in Pixels web site.  Tim recently added a bunch of new albums from his Disneyland Trip with Disney's Electrical Parade being just one of those new albums.  If you haven't been to Tim's site in awhile, I suggest you go see what new stuff he's uploaded for our viewing pleasure. 

Pictures are used with permission of Tim Devine / The Magic in Pixels.

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