Friday, December 21, 2007

Will you be my DisFriend?

DisFriends Have you been hearing the whisperings in the hallways?  There apparently is another grumpalicious site for all of us Disney Fans to hang out at. 

The name of this site is DisFriends.

How do I know it's the cool place to be?  Well, ImagiNerd George (aka Biblioadonis) is already over there.  If he's there, it's got to be worth everyone's time.  It's simply not a party unless George is there.  If you can also convince Andy to be there, then you have yourself a Hoopla (HOOPLA!).

After some cajoling by George and some convincing that I need to come where the "cool kids" are, I joined up.

So I hear you asking:  "What is DisFriends?"

Well, DisFriends is a social networking site for Disney Fans.  If you don't know what Social Networking is then DisFriends Booth at MegaMouseMeet MouseFest 2007think MySpace or Facebook.

My first introduction to this site was at the MegaMouseMeet at MouseFest 2007.  The webmasters had a very large and hard to miss booth.

My second introduction was hearing about it on Episode 347 of the WDW Today Podcast.

I'm finding it nice to be able to add "friends" who I met at MouseFest.  This could very well grow to be a nice way to keep in touch with all the people who read my blog or I have met at various places like MouseFest and/or MagicMeets.

So, if you decide to join up, look for Grumpwurst and request to add me.  Be sure to add me as one of your favorite sites when setting up your profile.  It would also be nice if you mention that you are a reader of Grumpy's Hollow in your Friend Invite.  That way I am alerted to where I know you from.

Please help me get more friends than George.  He cannot always have all the fun :)

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Unknown said...

But I at least asked you to be my friend before I asked Lou!

Greg said...

Merry Christmas Ray.