Monday, December 17, 2007

Grumpy's Hollow has a new look

In case you haven't noticed, I have an excellent new banner graphic.  The plain text header is a thing of the past.

I cannot take credit for this fine enhancement to my blog.  All the credit goes to the talented Jeff Pepper of 2719 Hyperion fame.

When we were at MouseFest, he mentioned that he was trying to think of a good concept for my banner graphic but was running into trouble because of my love of the black background.

When we parted ways after IllumiNations on Day 04, he asked me to e-mail him some ideas.

Well, as life goes, I got busy and literally hours before I was to click send on an e-mail outlining my ideas, I get this graphic from Jeff!

I absolutely love what Jeff came up with for this blog.  It's thoroughly Grumptastic! It's as if he climbed into my head and saw what I imagined when I think about where Grumpy's Hollow resides.

I don't want to end up like the "Nerdy Boys" and not give credit until Jeff has to hit me with a cattle prod 2 months later, so.....

Thank You Jeff!  You are the best and I'm getting lots of great comments about the graphic art.

Keep up the great work

P.S.  Enchanted Rose loves the homage to her in the graphic

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Jeffrey Pepper said...

It was my pleasure, Ray. I really enjoyed making it. Thanks for your very kind words. Whats say we fill up a couple a tankards, kick back in the hollow and toast this great Disney blog-o-sphere that we're both happily a part of.


Unknown said...


You have definitely put a bit more sunshine in "The Hollow" with that graphic, and we are very happy that you put a lot of nice homages to various things in there like my lovely wife Enchanted Rose.

I'd love to kick back in "the hollow" with a lovely tankard or two, but we need to have someone keep them full for us.

Sounds like a job for the Nerdy Boys....mainly George...haha

Unknown said...

Yeah...Jeff does amazing work. According to Lou, he makes the best coffee! Especially when speeding down I-95 looking for a rest stop.

Kudos again, Jeff on creating an amazing piece of artwork for the Disney community. Hopefully, you will remember us little people when you are rich and famous!

Unknown said...


I have to see how one brews coffee while speeding down I-95.

Unknown said...

Apparently, Lou sent him a text message asking him where his coffee was.

Go figure...