Monday, December 3, 2007

I haven't been hit by a bus!

Dear Loyal Readers [that sounds sincere doesn't it],

I am throwing up a quick post to let you all know that I haven't been hit by a bus or anything.  Considering that I am only working a 3 day week so I can go to MouseFest, I am having to put in extra effort at work to make sure some of my deliverables stay on schedule.

I'm hoping to get more content up soon.

If you want to know when I've thrown up some truly Grumpaliscious content and not want to keep hitting my site, you can always subscribe to this blog and let your handy dandy RSS Reader let you know when there is new content.

I don't think Disney Geek George could manage being on all the blogs that he is if it wasn't for his RSS Reader.

As I said, I hope to have something new up before I head to MouseFest.  Also, if my friends don't keep me out too late at MouseFest, I hope to repeat the fantastic trip reports I did during my September trip.

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1 comment:

Greg said...

Have a great time at MouseFest. I am already making plans to attend in 2008. By that time I should be more firmly fixed in the blog community. Also, I have enjoyed your recent hidden treasures posts.