Thursday, December 27, 2007

Space Ship Earth: A side-by-side comparison

web-banner Were you one of the many people who got to enjoy the sneak peek of the newly re-imagineered Space Ship Earth? 

Were you like me and not able to remember with great clarity the way it looked before?

Then go on over to The Magic in Pixels and read Tim Devine's latest photography article.

It appears that he has dusted off the ole quill and produced an excellent article with tons of great dark-ride photography.

The article is a comparison of the old Space Ship Earth with the newly unveiled attraction.

Go over and take a read.

I figured I should mention the article because many people may not realize that The Magic in Pixels provides more than great eye candy (aka photographs) and a great forum community.  Tim has also written some articles about photography and is in the process of working on new content to bring to his site.

As ImagiNerd George would call it, this is a Geek Link :)


sambycat said...

sweet! that was awesome! grumptastic?

Unknown said...

haha--it is definitely a Geek Link.

Tim runs a friendly and welcoming forum. Even for people with silly little cameras, like myself!