Tuesday, December 18, 2007

MouseFest 2007: Random Shenanigans, Hijinks, Immaturity, and Tomfoolery

There was a lot of fun had at MouseFest and there definitely wasn't a shortage of cameras there.  After all the words that went into my trip reports, I thought it would be fun to do a photo retrospective of just the zaniest moments that were captured.  These might be candid pictures or they were just us hamming it up for the benefit of the nut behind the lens.

This, by far, is not complete.  There are so many I am going to have to do this over a few posts.

I'm sure Tim Devine will be able to provide some more highly incriminating photos of me for future posts. 

Sit back and enjoy and if you have any photos that you'd like to add to future posts in this series and don't have your own blog or website to post them to, let me know and we'll work out a way to get them delivered to me.


Grumpy Holding up Space Ship Earth
Turn your head and cough
Grumpy Flexing for the Camera
How did the Imagineers know that I was going to be standing under this sign
Tim Devine Pondering BeverlyFest
To Drink Beverly or not Drink Beverly That is the Question
Tim Devine Survived BeverlyFest Part II
7 Shots of Putrid Liquid, but I kept it down!
Hamming it up on Splash Mountain
We're off to the GUN SHOW!
Enchanted Rose Working the Camera
You know you want me.   Who said Disney Geeks weren't hot?
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