Monday, March 3, 2008

Get them while you can

MagicMeets LogoMagic Meets tickets are now on sale!  There are over 2x the number of registered parties who are interested in going than are tickets to sell to them.

So, rush over to the MagicMeets website and get your tickets.  They sold out in less than 10 days last year, but many of us in the comm unity are predicting they'll sell out quicker. 

I'm predicting a sell-out between 24-48 hours.

BTW, Enchanted Rose and myself have our tickets printed already.

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Unknown said...

I got two tickets!

Looks like the Nerdy Boys are headin' to Magic Meets!

Jessica said...

Looks like I'll be there too! I'm very excited :-)

Craig Wheeler said...

See ya real soon!

lorilovestigger said...

I'll see you guys there!!

Tim said...

see you guys there, but you knew that already ;)

Unknown said...

I look forward to seeing all my old friends and getting to meet those who I have only talk to online