Friday, March 14, 2008

Devine Inspiration #10: TMIP to Donate Portion of Sales to Dream Team

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In case you didn't read the article Pat Whitson wrote on the Disneyworld Trivia website about 2008's Dream Team Auction, I am here to tell you that Tim Devine (owner of The Magic in Pixels) has decided to go one step further with his involvement with the Dream Team.

Tim has announced, via the Dream Team, that in addition to donating a fabulous photo of Cinderalla's Castle printed on canvas, he will also donate a portion of his sales from his table at MagicMeets 2008.

Copy of DSC_1743 Tim knows first hand how the Disney Magic can bring a smile to the faces of ill children.  He was sitting next to me when I took this picture (left) of Collin on the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland back in June 2006.

After meeting Collin, Tim and his wife, Karen, has given multiple times to charities that are important to Collin's mom because they are charities that support Collin.

In addition, he has created a slideshow of Disney's Electric Parade for Collin CollinWithTMIPPhoto (he loves it) and sent a few pictures and buttons (Collin has a huge collection of buttons from the parks on the shade of his wheelchair).

Collin has gotten countless amounts of magic and solace from those gifts from Tim.  Tim may not have seen these pictures Julie put on her blog of Collin enjoying his gifts, so I have included them here.

Collin Watching

The team up between Fred Block's MagicMeets and Lou Mongello's Dream Team Charity Auction just seemed like a good opportunity for Tim to be able to continue to "give back" to those who are not as fortunate as his family.

How do I know this?  A Padawan knows his Jedi Master.

So, if you are one of the 550 people who are going to be invading MagicMeets in July and are even remotely interested in acquiring one of the Tim's fantastic prints, then make sure you stop by his table.  He's going to have a variety of 16x20 and 8x10 prints, plus Wallpaper CDs for sale. 

If you so choose, you may also place 16x20 prints in advance by e-mailing and Tim will work out the details with you.

At the end of the Auction, Tim will,on-the-spot, donate of a percentage of his sales from that day.

So, if you've been thinking of purchasing a print, MagicMeets may be your best opportunity to not only acquire a lovely adornment for your wall, but also give a little to charity.

Below I have pasted the original announcement from Pat Whitson:

image Tim Devine, photographer and owner of, has announced that he will donate a portion of his sales at Fred Block's 2008 MagicMeets to the Dream Team Project

"As a father of a very healthy two year old, I know first hand the magic and thrill of a Disney vacation, as seen through my son's eyes and mine," says Tim. "I have also seen how the Disney magic can bring a smile to the faces of ill children as well and that really inspires me to want to do what I can to help. I just think it's the right thing to do to try to give that magic to someone else who may not be as fortunate."

The Magic In Pixels will have a large selection of matted 8 x 10" prints, 16 x 20" prints, and photo CDs. Additionally, orders for 16 x 20" prints may be placed in advance through or at the table at MagicMeets. He will donate on-the-spot a percentage of the sales that are made at his table by the end of the Auction that day.

This is a wonderful opportunity for MagicMeets attendees to purchase some beautiful art for their homes that will also help a worthy cause!

The Dream Team Project thanks Tim Devine for his generous contribution! 

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Presley family said...

Tim you rock!!!! We can not believe the support and love that we have felt from our fellow Disney "geeks". We live by and truly believe that by doing small acts of kindness you can do great things!!!
Oh, by the way Ray we went to C A at Disney for the preview show for AP passholders of the new play house disney show. Well, it was way to crowded. I will send you some of the pics of the signs that are boading up EVERYTHING that is under construction!!!