Thursday, March 6, 2008

Devine Inspiration #9: MagicMeets 2008 Auction Submission Unveiled


Tim has just unveiled the picture he is going to send to Pat Whitson for the Dream Team Auction at MagicMeets 2008.

Tim wanted me to let everyone know that this will picture will be presented as a 16x20 printed on canvas.  Yes, you read that correctly, this will be on canvas which means it'll be perfect for that special place on the wall you like to display your Disney Pride!

*** NOTE *** The watermark will not be in the item being auctioned off.

Now it's time for my views on the subject at hand.

I get to see a lot of Tim's work.  In some rare cases, I get to be there when the actual picture is taken.

Those of you who have ever perused Tim's store will know that he has quite an array of pictures with Cinderella's Castle as the subject.  They are all of high quality and beautiful.  In fact, I showcased his Dream Lights photo in my last installment of the Devine Inspiration series.

But, out of all his Cinderella Castle shots, I have to say that this is my favorite.  It may be because it has a striking resemblance to the Thomas Kinkaide giclee print we purchased.  I am also partial to a high quality daytime shot of the castle.

This photo has a non-traditional Point-of-View.  Typically you see photos taken from straight on or from the vicinity of the Rose Garden.  I haven't seen too many photos taken from this angle and that makes it different.  It really reminds you that there is a water element to the castle and with the exception of the "Year of a Million Dreams" flags on the draw bridge, you can almost feel like this wasn't even taken in a Theme Park.

As I was telling Tim on the phone this evening.  I love fireworks just as much as the next guy, and the photo he submitted last year was awesome, but this one just beats last year's submission by a mile.

I would be surprised if this item doesn't need several pages of paper to hold all the bids that are submitted.  Whoever puts in the winning bid for this photo will, in my humble opinion, walk away with something that they'll want to show off with pride.

To Recap:

  • A 16x20 Print
  • On Canvas!
  • Will look grumptastic hanging on your wall

Need I say more?


1 comment:

Craig Wheeler said...

Awesome picture. I have a picture taken at that spot/angle from almost every trip the World I've made in the past 15 years. I love it.

The only thing I don't like is how they painted the castle pink a few years back. I think it looked much better when it was all gray.