Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Print Sale at The Magic in Pixels

Being the Padawan Learner affords me a lot of benefits as a rookie photographer.  As a form of payment to Tim, I'd like to inform all the wonderful patrons of Grumpy's Hollow that The Magic in Pixels is running a sale on all 16x20 prints.

For a limited time, all 16x20 mounted prints are on sale. 

You'll find the 16x20 prints reduced by 20% of their everyday prices.  These prints are all mounted on a hard backing and shipped to you flat and ready to be framed and displayed.

If you don't see a 16x20 print you like in his store, go over to the gallery of 8x10 prints.  Almost all of the 8x10 prints can be printed and delivered as a 16x20.  So just e-mail Tim at sales(at)themagicinpixels(dot)com if one of the 8x10 prints interests you.

So head on over to THE MAGIC IN PIXELS WEBSTORE, and see if anything strikes your fancy.

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