Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hunting Season 2007

Full Quilt

Princess Panel on Quilt Another successful hunt completed.  Will I display my trophy on the wall?  Will I annoy all of my friends with the endless pictures of the beautiful specimen?

Growing up in rural Oklahoma I was subjected to many post hunting season photographs of the proud hunter and trophy.  We all want to share the products or prizes of a successful hunt.  It is human nature to share what we are most proud of.  Now there is a new outlet for  bragging called blogging.

My latest prize and show piece is a gorgeous (if I do say so myself) Princess Blanket.  I was helped in the fabric selection by my sister-in -law and the geometric configuration Full Panel in Quiltby Grumpwurst himself.  The focus fabric is a licensed Disney print that I purchased at Joann's fabric store along with the coordinating fabric.  Finished size is 63" X 40" which is crib size for this pattern.  The pattern is a Foldy Stuff chevron pattern.  The fabric is actually folded over to give dimension and texture to the finished quilt.

This showpiece already has an intended home with my niece Regan (Collin's sister) in Southern California for Christmas.  Collin's Christmas present is in the works and will be showcased soon.

(Chimpin' ain't easy Tim!) 

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Tim said...

enchanted rose is a very talented woman.

Unknown said...


I'd watch Tim around ER at MouseFest...

Beautiful quilt. I know that Andy and I are still waiting on our Splash Mountain quilts!

Presley family said...

That's why we love you Aunt Nancy!! Regan is going to LOVE it!!!!