Friday, November 16, 2007

Devine Inspiration #7....Beware the Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

Expedition Everest (Devine Edition) I bet you all thought I was done with my odes to Tim Devine.  You were wrong....haha.

Tim, just got back from Walt Disney World (how many trips is this for 2007?) where they were celebrating Jersey Week.

Jersey Week is when all the schools in New Jersey are out for teachers conventions.  During this time families decide to make the most of it and go to Walt Disney World.

During this trip, Tim got many, many good shots of Expedition Everest and they all can be seen in his photo album on his site.

I actually had a hard time picking a picture this time.  He has several that I wanted to choose of the mountain.  Some were at night, but most were during the day.

I ended up picking this absolutely Grumpalicious picture [Ed Note:  Yes, a new Grumptastic word brought to you by Grumpy's Hollow] because I liked the portrait orientation of the shot that gets a good bit of the water in the foreground of the capture. 

In the water you get a nice rippled reflection of the "Forbidden Mountain".

The colors, specifically the greens, really caught my eye.  It may be because green is my favorite color [Ed. Note:  You are known for your Scrooge McDuck tendencies just as much as your Grumpy tendencies.  Maybe it's the richest Duck in Duckburg's love of the greenback that is influencing your love of green].

But to top it all off, there isn't a cloud in the sky.  The mountain is perfectly outlined by the most beautiful shade of Carolina Blue.

Every picture I have taken seems to have the object that is jutting into the sky getting blended into the background because of clouds. As illustrated by this picture.  Where does the Expedition Everest end and the sky begin?:

Expedition Everest (Grumpy Version)

Photos used with permission of Tim Devine at The Magic in Pixels

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Ryan P. Wilson said...

Fabulous shots, I even like yours Ray, the blending of the mountain and the sky is a very cool effect. Oh, and my wife would like to say, Go Heels! (Whatever that means...)