Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hidden Treasures from my Attic: World Hopper 1995

5 Day World Hopper Ticket from 1995 (Front Side)A few weeks ago I was going through a trunk that my parents gave me when I moved out of Houston.  Inside this trunk was a bunch of hanging file folders that originated from one of my many file cabinets that have come and gone over the years.

I was digging through this trunk because I was looking for a team picture from high school and was hoping that it might have been hiding in one of those file folders.  It was a common hiding place for things that I wanted safely kept.

Inside one of the folders I found a bunch of Disney related stuff from my trip to Walt Disney World in 1995.  I had taken a trip to Orlando in July 1995 to participate in a National Competition for the academic fraternity Phi Beta Lambda.  I only had to be there for one 2 hour test and an award ceremony to see how I performed.

So, for the rest of the trip I had planned hanging out at Disney World.

It just so happened that the first day I was there was the 4th of July.   Otherwise known as one of the craziest days at Disney World.

I went to go buy my ticket into the park 5 Day World Hopper Ticket from 1995 (Back Side)and was immediately stopped by the fact that my bank was having technical difficulties and my debit card couldn't be authorized. 

So, there I was standing at the ticket counter and couldn't pay with my card.  Fortunately, I had enough money in my wallet to pay the piper.  Unfortunately, that left me with no cash for the rest of the trip.

I only got to ride two attractions that night before the fireworks.  That was Space Mountain (1 hour wait) and Alien Encounter.  The fireworks were awesome but the thing that stuck in my mind the most was the terrific thunderstorm that came down right after the fireworks.  I was soaked to the bone and being that I hate being wet and walking the parks, I immediately started making my way back to the front of the park.

Nothing stinks more than being sopping wet and standing in the monorail.  I was only wearing thin soccer shorts and a tank top.  Both of which were soaked.  I'm sure I was making quite a sight of myself on the monorail as my teeth were chattering as my body tried to keep itself warm.

The only other park I went to on the trip was EPCOT.  People I had met at the competition had told me that MGM Studios wasn't worth my time so I didn't waste my time.  We did spend a night at Pleasure Island but that was pretty much my trip. 

I had to go two days with no food because that is how long it took to get the situation with my Debit Card straightened out and I had no other money because I blew it all on my ticket into Disney.

So, ultimately, I have no pictures, just some foggy memories and my non-Expiring World Hopper Ticket from 1995.  I had purchased the non-Expiring ticket because I was sure it would only be a short amount of time before I got back to Walt Disney World.  That short amount of time turned into 11 years.  So, now the ticket has just become a fine memento that has been sitting in a folder in a box in my closet.

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Lou Mongello - said...

Ah, yes... who can forget having to wait to get your picture taken when buying your tickets... and such flattering photos as well!

This is a great ticket, and one you don't see that often. Feel free to leave it to me in your will.. oh wait. The marathon is in January, and I might not survive.

Nevermind. ;)

Unknown said...

Great picture, Ray!

So, what else did you spend most of the day doing, since you only rode two attractions?

That tickets appears to be more expensive per day for your use than buying a ticket today!

Unknown said...

Due to the late hour I wrote this post, I completly left out commentary that I had wanted to say when I planned the post.

So, I wrote an addendum post

Clare - The Super Mommy Club said...

Oh wow - I remember those tickets - think I have one stashed around here somewhere!