Friday, November 23, 2007

All I want for Christmas....

In honor of "Black Friday", I thought a Christmas Wish List was in order.  Plus, rumor has it that friends and family members read my blog.

This is most definitely an all encompassing list.  I didn't even touch on the snowglobes that I'm interested.  Disney and it's community is always dropping new and wonderful things that I'd love to own.

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Unknown said...

Nice list, Ray...

I'm sure you (or Nancy) will find lots more at MouseFest this year!

I'm proud of the fact that you are asking for 4 books this year. Way to go me!

Unknown said...


You are correct. There is no doubt in my mind that my Disney Wish List will grow exponentially after stepping foot in the parks.

Also, despite my great disdain for reading, I do read on occasion. Especially, if its on a topic I enjoy (like Disney). Unfortunately, my real joy (computer programming) produces books that can put an insomniac to sleep

Lou Mongello - said...


"Vitamin M" - too funny! That alone will help you knock off two things off your list, as I'd be happy to play Santa and give you a copy of the book and CD at MouseFest. (Don't worry.. I'll add them to George's bill) ;)

See you there!

Unknown said...

Lou (aka Santa),

Thanks! You didn't have to make that offer, but I'll gladly accept the gift. And it might not be a surprise to find out that the other book (Volume 2) is on my person.

My post about the contents of my backpack reveals that we tend to wander the parks with both your trivia book and Steve's hidden mickey books so as to provide some fodder when we need to increase the "fun factor"

Unknown said...

Ray--I just finished listening to the Audio Guide. You will absolutely love it. I guarantee it or Lou will give you his money back!

It is a great way to get that Vitamin M whenever you need it!