Thursday, October 25, 2007

Welcome Main Street Gazetters

For those of you coming over from Ryan P. Wilson's Main Street Gazette blog, I want to wish you a warm welcome.......WELCOME!

I must say that I was surprised and flattered that Ryan listed my little blog as one to help satiate your appetite while he is gone for the next two weeks taking care of his wedding nuptials and subsequent Honeymoon.

There are a lot of blogs that fill needs for people looking for things Disney.  I feel the niche that I fill is one in which you feel like you are in my living room discussing anything related to Disney.  I try to present a conversational tone and you will get to hear my views on things going on in the Wonderful World of Disney.

I know there are people out there that absorb Disney with a critical eye and I hope I'm not viewed that way.  I speak my mind but I'm just as willing to gush about what I love as I am to point out what I wasn't happy with.  I don't consider myself immune from criticism as you'll see if you read far enough back to get to my Do you know what your Theme Park Footprint is? post.  I clearly state I'm as guilty as the next guy.

The things I'm most proud of are my Trip Reports.  Those posts are a work of love.  I really try to give excellent descriptions of my day so that you, the person stuck at home, might be able to close your eyes and feel like you are walking around with my wife and me.  But,to keep you from having to dryly swallow my War & Peace sized trip reports, I try to provide a bit of applesauce in the form of some carefully chosen pictures from my Flickr account.

Feel free to follow my blog links on the upper left hand side of this blog.  Every one of those I read and love and you may recognize a few from the ones that Ryan listed on his post.  Of course, don't forget to spread the love.  Nothing makes a blogger happier than a bit of commentary.  So feel free to comment on this blog and any of the others you may cross in your travels on the World Wide Web.

The best times of my life have been inside Disney Theme Parks.

So, pull up a chair, enjoy and have a truly Grumptastic time here at Grumpy's Hollow

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