Sunday, October 28, 2007

Disneyana Alert: New Kinkade Print....Cinderella Castle

A New Day at the Cinderella Castle (Thomas Kinkade) Way before we went on our trip to Disney World in September, the wife and I made our usual swing through the Thomas Kinkade shop at our local mall.  I know that he has his detractors, but we really like his work.  Especially, the Christmas stuff.

Well, awhile back we had seen the piece he did for Disneyland's 50th Anniversary and we were inquiring about whether or not it could still be found.  The owner did some calling around and found that it could still be purchases at the Art of Disney stores at Disney World and Disneyland (which we found to be true in our June trip to Disneyland).

At the same time, she told us about the new piece he had been commissioned to create for Disney World.  She took our information down and told us she'd call when there was anything to tell but it probably wouldn't be until October. 

Well, we got the call about a week ago, but due to my wife's chaotic work schedule we didn't get to go until today.

Well, let me say, we were impressed.  We actually have a place over our fireplace that is designed to showcase a piece of art.  We had planned, from the beginning, that it would be a piece of Disney art that would be hung there.  We were hoping it would be one of the Kinkade pieces (this new one or the Disneyland 50th Anniversary print) or a Beauty & the Beast inspired painting acquired from the Art of Disney store.

This print is a limited edition, numbered print and is on canvas and comes framed. 

Needless to say, Grumpy's name is on this and should be hanging this sucker over the mantle in 3-4 weeks when we get it from the artist (the limited edition ones are getting signed).

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Unknown said...

So...when are you going to have an open house?

Or will a virtual open house have to suffice?

Anonymous said...

Please please please Disney fans - don't fall for this Kinkade bologna. With every ounce of my fiber I am trying not to use foul language. How can I put this simply? Kinkade is a rip-off artist (no pun intended) who uses faith and religion to con people. His whole "painter of light" is a scam. Do the research. Norman Rockwell he is not.

Unknown said...


Thanks for stopping by and telling my readers how you feel! We both have the right to our opinions--I'm just glad you felt comfortable enough to share them with us.

My observations have been that Disney Fans who collect Disneyana (like myself) tend buy up what they like and don't get into the politics of who created it. If they like it and it's in their genre of collectibles, then they plunk down the cash to get it.

Thomas Kinkade has been commissioned to do two paintings for the Walt Disney Theme Parks.

The first was a painting commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland. The second is the one I blogged about. It's not like he's bombarding us with Disney themed products. Plus, it's a unique item, regardless of one's views of his politics or ethics. Also, there is no religious slant to the Disney paintings what-so-ever. In my opinion, this painting captures the Disney magic that I love and that is all that I care about.

As for Thomas Kinkade, the painter, I have truly enjoyed Thomas Kinkade's work long before I knew of his religious leanings (which you have labeled as a marketing scam).

Trust me; I have not been duped by his use of faith and religion as a marketing tool because I don't subscribe to his religion.

I simply enjoy his paintings and his work.

Unknown said...


I fully intend to do future blog postings about the various Disneyana that graces "The Hollow" and supplement it with fabulous pictures.

Andrew said...

I did not know Kincade had 'religious leanings' but who cares???? This is a cool painting. Ray, I could not agree more...people who are passionate about something buy what they like.

Me, I dream about Splash Mountain posters........

I thought you were nice to anonymous. What a cowardly thing to say when you share a name with 10 billion other idiots.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

People would be better-off investing in cereal boxes. As far as I know they are just "prints" with daubs of paint splattered on by one of his (many) employees. There was something on 60 Minutes about him - in it there was a couple who had 150 of his prints! Beenie Babies anyone?

Jeffrey Pepper said...


It's not a question of "investing." Ray purchased the print because of an emotional connection to the product, and an appreciation of what it represents.

From what I understand, some people collect cereal boxes for the very same reasons . . . ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I collect cereal boxes.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think it matters who the heck painted it as long as you like it. Just a thought...

True.Tsunami said...

I love Thomas Kinkade! lol my mom has this painting in master edition O.o it wasnt cheap

Anonymous said...

If you like it you like it. I don't have a problem with that. Truly though, it's commercial art at best.

That said, I've got issues with Disney and the way they adapt movies from the old stories. They totally lose the point of the story every time. Go read the original Little Mermaid, the entire story (which is heartbreaking, and quite long), note the moral point made at the end of the story, that God will reward those who truly love, in his fashion, and compare it to the Disney adaptation. You can do the same with any of them. Disney drops hard content and replaces it with cute.