Sunday, October 7, 2007

Calling all Blog Ideas

My readership spiked to all time highs while I was doing the "real-time" trip reports from Walt Disney World.  Quite a few of those seem to have become regular visitors to this little neck of the Disney Online Community.

Since, one of the main reasons I did my trip report was for the enjoyment and/or benefit of others who may stumble across them in their search for Disney information, I thought I would extend an offer for ideas.

You, my loyal and Grumptastic readers, was there anything you read about it my very lengthy trip reports that you would love to get a dedicated post about?

For example, I just did a review of the resort we stayed at, Saratoga Springs Resort.

I'm not running out of things to talk about, but I thought while the memories were fresh that I should do some topics that are meaningful to those who have become wonderful visitors.

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Unknown said...

What about specific restaurant reviews?

Or a more detailed version of your day? Something like "Our Morning at Epcot."

Unknown said...


Any particular restaurant peaks your interest?

I don't think I can provide a more detailed version of segment of my day. I was pretty detailed to begin with

Anonymous said...

How about a report on the benefits of using a backpack?? I'm always interested in what people carry in their bag. I bring the minimal items with me....Camera and wallet....
AKA Disneynorth

Unknown said...


Excellent Idea! I have added this to my post idea list.

Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

I really want to commend you on your blog. Despite the numerous Disney blogs out there, you have definately found a niche.

I've thought about starting a blog myself, but honestly don't know what to write about, or when to find the time to write!! I'm usually too busy reading everyone else's blog!! LOL!!

Any hints or tips on getting started.
AKA Disneynorth