Monday, October 1, 2007

EPCOT Center, It's Your 25th Birthday What are you going to do?

Young Grumpy with Brother, Mom, Figment and DreamfinderHappy Birthday EPCOT Center.  Yes, I still call it EPCOT Center despite it's handler's many attempts to rename it to various incarnations.

Despite the fact that Every Person Comes Out Tired, it is still by far the most favorite park for me and possibly my wife.  Those of you who plugged through my very length, yet detailed 9 days of trip reports know that we made it to EPCOT almost every day that we were there and saw and did new stuff each time.

A trip to EPCOT Center isn't for everyone, just like standing any of the other parks are not for everyone [ed. maybe the exception is the Magic Kingdom.  Come on who can hate the Magic Kingdom].  There is a lot to do and walking is to be expected because everything is spread apart. 

The one thing I like is the fact that no matter where you seem to be standing, you can still see the iconic geodesic sphere called Space Ship Earth (or as I irreverently refer to it as:  The Giant Golf Ball).

I have to admit, the thing that most stuck in my mind from my first trip in 1985 was the following:

  • The Dreamfinder and Figment from Journey into the Imagination v. 1.0
  • Space Ship Earth
  • The candy maker in Japan

EPCOT Center, I say to you Happy Birthday.  May you live on to see another 25 years and keep making "The World" a much more Grumptastic place to be where Disney Geeks of the world can unite!

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