Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Grump is Moving......

Well, as I'm writing this, my lovely wife and I are waiting anxiously to get word that we can start moving into our wonderful new home that has been in the process of being built over the last 6 months.

It was anything but a smooth process.  The weather definitely didn't work in our favor.  Just like I seemed to have brought rain to Walt Disney World when we traveled there earlier this month, it seems we brought record breaking rain to Oklahoma when we moved here.

That rain just made it difficult to get the ball rolling on our house.

This is also the reason the final posts of my trip report were delayed and why there hasn't been any new content lately.  Catching up on work and dealing with house and move related stuff just seem to keep getting in the way.

I just wanted to let you, my loyal readers, know that more content will be forth coming.  I just need to get through the mire of drama that is the current chapter of this book of my life.  If all goes to plan, life will be back to normal on Monday, October 1 which also happens to correspond with EPCOT Center's 25th Birthday!

So in the meantime, while I'm unable to do so, make someone's day a Grumptastic one.

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Princess Fee said...

Good luck with the move - I love reading your column so I look forward to you being back here!
In addition, thanks for all the wonderful pictures from WDW - I miss there so much!!

Anonymous said...

I was a mover once myself - so you have my sympathies and wishes for the best of luck! Smooth transition for you & your family and I look forward to your next post.