Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Birthday!

As we prepare to leave for our trip to see "The Mouse" I have to take a second to remind everyone of the real reason for the trip timing in September.  My Grumpwurst is turning another year older. 

We have decided to commemorate the event with our second annual trip to Orlando.  I have to admit that I have rarely seen the grump happier than when he was carefree in the Magic Kingdom or scooting around on the Segway around Epcot. 

I must also admit that I am ok with selfishly honoring this monumental yearly event with a trip during the slow season.  I think I like this trend- good family tradition to keep going.

Happy Birthday to my Prince Charming (aka the grumptastic Ray)!

Editor's Note:  Due to travel preparations, this post didn't get to the blog until the day after Mr. Grumpwurst's real birthday

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