Friday, March 27, 2009

D23: Princess and the Blog

It was teased during the various post-Stockholders’ Meeting interviews, but now the first post has been thrown up.

The blog I’m talking about is The Princess and the Blog

The first installment is an introduction to what is to come in the future.  There doesn’t appear to be a single author but we’ll hear from various people involved in the making of The Princess and the Frog.  Which just so happens to be Disney’s return to hand-drawn animation after a long string of computer generated animated movies.

I was quick to notice that D23 didn’t take the traditional approach to blogging that those of us who read them have come to expect.  They haven’t designated a URL for this blog that one can bookmark or subscribe to an RSS feed so it’s easier to find updates.

Even though they call it a blog, it’s more like an article in their “web magazine” called D23.  I guess if you wanted to be literal about it, it really is a blog because the word is nothing more than a contraction of “weblog”.

I hope, as Disney rolls out future blog “posts” for this movie or launches new ones, they take the approach that the Disney fan’s have grown to expect and give them their own spots on the web that we can bookmark and/or subscribe to.

In the meantime, the content is there for us to enjoy and here is the link:

The Princess and the Blog

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