Saturday, March 21, 2009

Announcing Pixelmania! 2009

pixelmania-300 After hosting several highly successful meets at MouseFest over the years, Tim Devine decided it was time to expand and create an entire multi-day event revolving around the sharing of photography knowledge.

So, on December 3 – 6, 2009, all people who have the shutter bug are invited to come to Walt Disney World and participate.

This event is open to all people who love to take pictures. Whether you are a person who is getting great daylight shots from their Point & Shoot and wants to learn how to squeeze the most out it even when the lights go down or you just got a new Digital SLR (dSLR) and wants to learn how to use it better and leave the infamous “Green Box Zone”, this event is for you.

Those of you who are more confident with their photographic prowess are encouraged to attend as well.

There always something new we can learn, but that knowledge should be shared. The exchange of ideas and knowledge is what this event is about. A little side benefit is that we’ll get to make some new friends and have loads of fun while doing it.

The planning committee is working hard coming up with events and activities that will use the Walt Disney World Resorts and Theme Parks as the subject matter.

Tim has provided a FAQ on his website:

Announcing Pixelmania!

If you are interested, and not a member of Tim’s forums, I strongly encourage you to join in on the discussions and photographic games over there.

We also have a forum setup explicitly for Pixelmania! We want this event to be the best for all who are coming, so feel free to add your input on what you’d like to do and learn about.

We’ve also setup an event page on Facebook for all of you that live over there. Many of the people who are in the Disney Community have already been sent an invite by me. If you were one of the people who declined (we understand), but you know someone who might be interested please forward them the information.

This event isn’t just for those of us in the Disney Community. We would love to add to our “family” some new members. So, if you also know someone who likes photography, might want to learn more and it wouldn’t require twisting their arm to take a trip to Walt Disney World in December, send them our way!


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Believes in Fairies said...

How AWESOME!!! too bad for me that I will be in DL (if all goes as planned.)