Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Whimsical Segway

Well, I thought I would do something different that I haven't done before on this blog....include some video!

I have provided for everyone's viewing pleasure a little 20 second clip I made with my Canon Powershot S70 point-and-shoot camera while we were on a break during the Segway Tour through the Epcot World Pavilion.

As you can see, my lovely wife makes it look so easy :)

(Editor's Note:  This video was shot a year ago before Ms Enchanted Rose entered into a vigorous exercise routine and shed 2-3 dress sizes)





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Jamie Hendricks said...

We are going to disney world for my daughters 18th birthday and sudgestions we are booked into the crystal palace for dinner..

Jamie Hendricks said...

oh for the last comment I am at

Jamie Hendricks said...

i mean www.twotimesthe

Unknown said...

You never told me you rode the Segways!

I am soooooooo jealous!

Unknown said...

Yes I did.

The Grump is full of surprises