Monday, April 27, 2009

D23: Free “Gift” with Issue 2 of Disney Twenty-Three Magazine

Well, I got a ring at the doorbell and it was our postal carrier.  She had couple very familiar boxes in her hand.  They were the same box that our welcome packet and premier issue of Disney Twenty-Three magazine showed up in.

Personally, I felt it was way too early for the second issue to arrive, but who am I to argue.

When I tore open the box, I was greeted with a small envelope:

D23BeatTheHeat_AcresOfFun_0001 I opened up the envelope and found a small folded up item.  According to the fine print on the envelope, it’s a reproduction of the 1955 “Acres of Fun” Disneyland Souvenir fan from the Walt Disney Archive Collection:

D23BeatTheHeat_AcresOfFun_0002 D23BeatTheHeat_AcresOfFun_0003

The item opens up to form a fan:

D23BeatTheHeat_AcresOfFun_0004 D23BeatTheHeat_AcresOfFun_0005

This was highly unexpected.  Granted it isn’t an item of great monetary worth but it’s something that is really nice with it’s reproductions of originally 1955 artwork from the attractions that were in Disneyland during it’s first year.

This will definitely find a place in my cabinet of Disney collectibles.

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Greg said...

Very nice. I hope I have something waiting for me when I get home this evening.