Saturday, December 20, 2008

Disneyland Hidden Mickey Alert

I interrupt your enjoyment of my voluminous trip report to draw your attention to the family blog my wife’s sister puts together. 

They live in Disneyland’s backyard so they give their annual passes a workout.  Last night, they had the urge to go to the park for some fun.

I’ve talked about my nephew Collin before and he has a lot of special needs.  It’s a Small World is one of his most favorite attractions at Disneyland and it’s on the agenda whenever they go.  Well, they were waiting at the front of the wheelchair entrance to get onto the attraction when they were slowed up because of some troubles with a passenger in a wheelchair passenger in front of them.

So, while they were waiting, Julie decided to whip out her camera and take some pictures.  It was later she heard some people talking about a hidden Mickey in the vicinity of where she was taking pictures.  Later, when reviewing her pictures she found out she snagged it.  Can you find it?  It’s the picture that doesn’t contain her family in it below the collage (Link provided below).

Disney Magic

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