Monday, November 10, 2008

Apparently my local airport likes Disney

Of all the items the OKC airport could have put in their display case
to represent a snowglobe, they chose one from The Disney Store


sambycat said...

snow globes + disney = WOOT!

Anonymous said...

Am I reading this right you are an oklahoma boy?! I read your blog regularly and had NO idea you were here in the same state with me! Nice to know.

Unknown said...


I'm really a North Carolina boy who through a series of fortunate events has been planted in the Oklahoma.

Thanks for being a regular reader, and I appologize for the lack of consistent content lately. I know it's an excuse but work has really been hopping the past 6 months and I had to be really judicious on what extra-curricular activities I was involved in and quality time with the wife usually wins :)

But, when I'm on vacation I'm more able to throw stuff up and it has become easier with the purchase of my iPhone :)