Sunday, August 10, 2008

Grumptastic Distractions: Ray Funny

_MG_7015 During our trip to MouseFest 2006, Tim Devine had heard of a little thing that my wife referred to as “Ray Funny”. Apparently, it’s a special kind of funny. It’s a kind of funny where the people around me are more amused by my amusement than necessarily something funny.

This term was coined by some friends of mine who would often proclaim they only went to see a certain movie (usually comedies) because they wanted to see me get amused by it.

Throughout our trip, I would find something funny and he’d turn to Nancy and ask, “Is that Ray Funny?” and she would respond, “Tim you’ll know it when it happens”.

“Ray Funny” isn’t something that comes about easily. In fact, it’s rarely reared it’s head within the boarders of the Walt Disney World® Resort. The reason being is that I need to be:

  • Comfortable with my surroundings
  • Not at risk of drawing attention to myself
  • Be in a group of friends.
  • Typically fatigue is involved
  • Exposed to some seriously bad comedy

Since my wife and I typically travel with just the two of us, “Ray Funny” has usually stayed at home where it comes out during some really insanely unfunny comedy movies.

One might think that the jokes on the Jungle Cruise could unearth “Ray Funny”, but it doesn’t. The jokes are not always 100% the best and fatigue is usually always present due to the Florida heat, but I am not comfortable with drawing the kinds of attention I’d get if I allowed “Ray Funny” to reveal itself on the boat. I would definitely draw some serious attention away from our Jungle Cruise Skipper.

Well, as I was saying, MouseFest 2006 was when the House of Mouse was introduced to “Ray Funny”.

We were dining at ‘Ohana late one evening (I believe it was a 9PM seating) and it was a fairly large party of friends and family.

We were in the middle of a fantastic meal of family-style food when the evening show elements were beginning and the kids were starting to parade around the restaurant with the lady playing the ukulele.

Well, the kids completed their march and people started to clap in celebration. Well after everyone stopped, Tim felt the urge to keep clapping rather loudly and excitedly.

For some reason, this hit my funny bone and I started laughing uncontrollably. The tears started running down my cheeks and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to stop laughing.

This was the kind of laughter that could single-handedly help Mike Wazowski power Monstropolis.

It didn’t take long before my stomach started to hurt from all the belly laughing. Eventually, the laughter became contagious and the rest of the table started laughing.

At this point, Tim points to me and exclaims, “Ray Funny! This is Ray Funny!”_MG_7046

Despite the popular opinion of those sitting around us, there was absolutely no alcohol involved with this evening. But, I’m sure there were a few groups of tables around us who were telling their wait staff that they wanted whatever we were eating.

That was the one and only appearance of “Ray Funny” during MouseFest 2006.

My wife and I had eaten at ‘Ohana before, but it was this one evening with my friends and family that has locked this restaurant on my must do list. Ironically, my attachment to ‘Ohana has nothing to do with the food. I guess ‘Ohana really does mean family.

Flash forward to our joint family trip to the Walt Disney World® Resort in June 2008. Tim had been telling his wife about “Ray Funny” and was anxious for her to see it and hopefully capture it with is camera.

It didn’t take long this time. On the second day, during a meal at Trail’s End, it came out. This time it was brought out via the cracking of really cheesy jokes by Tim. The whole table didn’t join in this time, but a good majority did and I think even Tim little boy got into the act. Considering it was 11am, I can see why a few of the people at our table (ahem, the ladies) didn’t join in on the belly laughing. Despite that, my wife was quick to point out the occurrence of “Ray Funny” and someone declared that the vacation could begin.

But this trip was extra special because “Ray Funny” had company. We got to experience “Tim Funny” and “Nancy Funny” where my best friend and wife.

During a meal at the Garden Grill in EPCOT Center, a very humorous and cantankerous cast member managed to pull “Tim Funny” out for all of us to see. I personally think it took Mr. Devine off guard that it could hit him without warning.

I’ve never gotten to experience Nitrious Oxide at the dentist office (aka Laughing Gas), but to me “Ray Funny” seems to be how TV and Movies like to portray someone on Laughing Gas. Everything seems to have a level of humor to it and that just aides in the enjoyment of what is unwinding before us.

I’m sure if people think long and hard they’ll realize that every group has one of these kinds of people. I personally thing that every one of us has this type of behavior buried deep inside of us. You shouldn’t be afraid to allow this “person” to come out while at Walt Disney World®.

It may not bring a new perspective to the parks, but it does allow us to drop our guard and truly have fun. In turn, our unabashed laughter to apparently nothing funny causes others to laugh and enjoy themselves.

Who cares if no one understands why, they’ll just observe that you are having loads of fun. Isn’t that one of the main reasons we are vacationing with “The Mouse”?

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sambycat said...

hmmmm... so another level to "funny haha" and "funny shheeee" is introduced!

i can't wait to see it burble out at mousefest 08!! :)

Unknown said...

I guess I haven't scared away all my readers with my lack of posting....haha.

I doubt it'll be hard to bring out the "Ray Funny" at MouseFest. The question is will anyone be around to see it ;)

lorilovestigger said...

I was laughing reading this. Does that make it Lori Funny? Great to see you back, my friend!