Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Little Disneyland Cast Member Magic

Well, I don't really read a lot about outstanding things Cast Members do at Disneyland.  That may be because a preponderance of the Disney-themed blogs are focused on the East Coast Park

But, Enchanted Rose just called me to relay a story that her sister, Julie, told her over the phone.

My niece, Regan, is about to celebrate a Birthday in a few days, so Julie had decided to take her and a few of her friends to Disneyland for a day of fun.

Well, her brother Collin, was having a runny nose day and his school sent him home.  So, despite the original plans, Collin was brought along.

As often happens when Julie goes to Disneyland with Collin, his autism or various other symptoms of his disease causes him to not be comfortable.  This results in them having to pack up and go home.

Well, it happened this day after only being at the park for about an hour and a half. 

As they loaded back up on the tram to go to the parking structure, the tram driver recognized them from shuttling them to Downtown Disney earlier.

He asked why they were going back so soon (it was about noon) and Julie explained the whole story.  The Tram driver also noticed Regan's b-day pin.

At this point, he felt the urge to sing "Happy Birthday" to Regan over the PA System on the tram.  This one little act of kindness made her entire day. 

As many have said, it doesn't take much from a Cast Member to turn a bad day into a good one.

I'm glad that tram driver was there.....

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sambycat said...

good to hear from you - thanks for a heart warming story! i LOVE disneyland, but i have to say, the last time i was there - compared to WDW i guess - i felt like the CMs were way more like the teenage grocery clerks talking thru me to their pals about what they are going to do friday night.... but really, they are awesome - i don't know how they do it!!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful, thanks for sharing it with us! I'm so sorry to hear the birthday party didn't go as planned, and glad to know that a Cast Member was able to bring a little bit of magic.

Alyssa Ray said...

Thanks for sharing this post. These are the reasons why my heart belongs to Disneyland :) I agree with Jennifer, and I'm sorry that the day didn't go as planned, but it sounds like this CM made sure there was still plenty of Pixie Dust to go around ;)