Sunday, February 17, 2008


Finding Nemo Quilt Back in June my nephew Collin (through my sister) invited Tim Devine and his family to join him on the Finding Nemo Submarine ride at Disneyland.  Because of Collin's multiple handicaps, he is unable to wait in line for rides, and the Devine family was able to bypass the four hour wait by accepting his invitation.  Through Collin with his Quiltthis chance meeting my nephew has been able to touch even more lives.  Even though Collin is nonverbal, he has the power to make people remember him and his spirit.  His laugh is contagious and his smile infectious.  Tim has been able to repay the favor five times over through his unique brand of kindness.

One of my latest quilting projects included a first for me.  I made matching Nemo quilts for Collin and Billy Devine to celebrate this occasion.  I don't plan to have any  other two of a kind quilts.  My quilts are  one of a kind creations by nature.  Billy's quilt was finished just hours ago!  I can't wait for Billy to get his belated birthday present, and I hope that this small thank you gives many years of loving warmth.  Collin is already loving all over his quilt.  

For the people who are interested in the details:  the fabric for the quilt was purchased at Hancock Fabric and the pattern is the Log Cabin Foldy Stuff.

Sorry George.... no time for the splash mountain quilt.  Already working on the auction quilt :)

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Unknown said...

They look beautiful, Nancy!

I can't wait to see the quilt(and lay down some cash) at Magic Meets!

Tim said...

wow... all i can say is, "wow"!
i know a little boy who is going to be thrilled beyond belief when this comes. thank you so much!

Anonymous said...


can't wait to see the auction quilt