Thursday, January 10, 2008

Never Underestimate the Disney Online Community

While sitting in my hotel room miles away from "The Hollow", I got a called from the lovely Enchanted Rose telling me that her sister Julie got an exciting package from Tim Devine.

Tim had decided to send a couple gifts to her children Regan and Collin.  Tim and his family met Julie and her kids at Disneyland when she was there to meet my wife and I last June.

Tim sent them each a print from his photo collection.  In a way, you could say that Tim sent a some Magic in Pixels to my sister-in-law's kids.

She blogged about it and included some pictures.  Go check it out and don't be afraid to show her what we like to call Disney Geek Love (aka comments)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely story!

My introduction to the Disney online community came mostly through the DisBoards, where I found tons of info but also very kind people. One time I mentioned that my son had missed out on a particular fast-food kid's toy, and shortly afterward I received a PM from a complete stranger, offering to send me one in the mail. I was flabbergasted by this small kindness, and will always remember it.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Sometimes I think we all forget what kindnesses we, as human beings, are capable of. I have difinitely met some amazing people through the Disney community, and witnessed some tremendous acts. I wouldn't give this community up for the world!

Greg said...

Agreed! Wonderful people. I hope to get to know more of you all better.

Greg said...
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Presley family said...

Yes, I agree Disney geeks are the best!!!

Hey, we went to California Adventure yesterday and two things... first they brought back the light parade at Christmas????? This is typically only a summer thing. Makes me wonder if they are phasing it out???? Also, a cast memeber said that in a couple of months they will shut down the entire "Hollywood area" You know where muppets, playhouse disney, Alidain show, turtle talk, monsters... ect. They will be revamping the entire area. She said that not all would be huge changes BUT it is getting a make over??????? I will post picks when there is something worthy of reporting about! So, when you come this month we might have to take in the light parade and have you take oh,,, just a million or two pictures. I will talk to Jason's brother to see if he can get you in for free. (since he is working there again.... can't seem to get away from the disney fam.. hey it's always nice to have a hook up in the fam.!)