Tuesday, January 1, 2008

An ImagiNerd in Training

Well, we rang in 2008 with Disney. No, we didn't take another impromptu trip to Orlando and cram ourselves into one of the parks.

We went to dinner and watched a Disney movie (National Treasure: Book of Secrets). We were actually in the movie when the clock struck Midnight.

But to top the evening off, when we got home, there was a package from my non-Biological brothers and ImagiNerds, George and Andy.

Inside the package was a Christmas gift. The Christmas gift was my ImagiNerd Starter Kit:

  • The Imagineering Field Guide to the Magic Kingdom
  • Walt Disney Imagineering

We broke the Imagineering Field Guide open last night and I started reading to my lovely Enchanted Rose. This will be a new activity for the both of us until the books are done.

I can almost say that I got delivered a helping dose of medicine to help cure my PDD. Thanks guys!

So far, I'm loving the way that the Imagineering Field Guide is written. I'm sure a book review will follow once done.

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Tim said...

the field guides are ok but the imagineering by the imagineers is one awesome read. i have that book and have read it cover to cover a few times.

some other good ones (check ebay) are:
desiging disney by john hench
since the world began by jeff kurtti

good stuff.

Unknown said...

I agree with both of Tim's suggestions. They are amazing works. If you can find the John Hench book...scoop it up immediately!

The three by Jason Surrel are amazing: The Disney Mountains, the Haunted Mansion and the Pirates books. All are worthwhile additions.

Keep it up, Ray...we'll get you that Disney Geek certificate once you pass the initiation.

You have to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka!

Eric Hoffman said...

Agreed with the esteemed commenters above. The John Hench book George mentions is amazing and well worth the read.