Thursday, January 3, 2008

Highlighting a New Day

Painting on the Easel [Ed. Note:  I'm doing another post about my Thomas Kinkade painting because I apparently am getting a lot of traffic to my blog due to a lot of people Google Searching for info about this particular painting.  I felt I should give those folk a little something]Highlighting a flower bed

Back in November, I purchased the Thomas Kinkade painting A New   Day at Cinderella Castle.  We were given the option of having the painting Master Highlighted which we partook since it was just a nominal extra charge.

Highlighting the LamppostsOriginally, the Master Highlighter was supposed to be in town during the time we were in Orlando for MouseFest.  Mother Nature had  something to say about that and the ice storm that we faced coming home prevented her from showing up.  So, we were able to reschedule and attend.Highlighting the Deer

Other than the fact that we were sitting in the middle of the mall (our local Kinkade Gallery is in the mall), it was a pretty cool thing to see.

When the highlighter started working, just little bits of paint were added in very strategic places.  After a short bit, it was awesome how the little touches made the areas that were highlighted pop. 

The process was only about 15-30 minutes, but we didn't regret it.

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sambycat said...


Unknown said...

I'll be sure to let you know if I need anything masterfully low lighted :)

Doc Terminus said...


When its all said and done, would you say the picture was subtly changed or is the highlighting pretty extreme?

Unknown said...


I would definitely say that when it's all said and done, it was a subtle improvement. It seemed dramatic when we witnessed it being done, but I doubt if someone walked in and looked at the painting they'd be able to tell what was original and what was "enhanced".

But, my understanding is that is the purpose. They add paint to give the surface more topography which in turn catches the light from the room and in turn creates highlights

Doc Terminus said...


Thanks a load... I've been curious about the process for years...

Have a good few days away... we'll see you when you get back...

And you know if you travel by Passamaquoddy, theres a perfect spot for a "Grumpy's gym"...